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marine industry, atlas marine singapore, atlas marine, ams marine, ams engineers, ex-stock delivery, safety products
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Atlas Marine Services (AMS) is featured in the Marine Trader magazine; the official journal of International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) Issue 6 (2016).
AMS expands on the product line and highlights the importance of the risk of failure from microbial infection in diesel fuel from lifeboat fuel systems.
Every year thousands of seafarers are rescued by lifeboat services globally. The craft and their crew are maintained and trained to the highest level to tackle the challenging sea conditions. Perhaps the most vital mechanical component is the lifeboat engine without which the vessel would be unable to manoeuvre to save the lives of those in distress at sea. While the lifeboat engine is subject to thorough maintenance, the fuel tank is mostly overlooked along with the potential for microbial infection in the diesel fuel system which, if present, could potentially render the whole propulsion system inoperable.

Diesel and water provide perfect conditions for microbial infections to thrive. The resulting microbial ‘sludge’ corrodes and blocks fuel lines in diesel driven land and seagoing equipment. Now, development and use of MGO, MD and new fuels in marine business mean that the potential for this problem to affect engines in lifeboats has increased.

The problem has been until now largely invisible, as the microbial infection that manifests itself in the fuel tank of the lifeboat will, if left undetected, gradually increase with time. Eventually, the biomass forms a ‘sludge’ that can corrode the metallic fuel tanks and create blockages in both fuel lines and filter systems rendering the engine unusable. That is not what is required in a lifeboat that’s sole purpose is to save lives.

The risks associated with microbial infection in diesel are now well documented in both the marine and land applications but strangely lifeboat tanks, whether onboard large ships, cruise lines or shore based, are rarely tested for the presence of this infection, which if present will continue to grow.

Climatic conditions and the presence of water in the fuel system play a large part in creating the right environment for the growth of microbial infections in diesel fuels. As ships or even oil rigs often travel through different climatic zones, varying temperature and humidity levels create the ideal conditions for the microbial infection to multiply at an alarming rate.

Interestingly, lifeboat fuel tanks are rarely drained of water, and the risk of developing an infection of this type is, again, higher than within those fuel systems that are regularly drained. To manage and minimise this risk, operators are strongly advised to regularly drain any water from the fuel tank of the lifeboat and to employ a regular testing regime to identify the presence of microbial infection.

By following this advice, the risk is managed through a maintenance process of ‘test to protect’, thereby ensuring that the asset, in this case the lifeboat’s availability, and that damage from microbial infection in diesel fuel is reduced.

The most vital technological development in this field is Fuelstat, an Immunoassay method of rapidly detecting the presence of microbial infection in diesel fuel and diesel fuel systems. It can be used at point of sample and will give an accurate result 10 minutes faster than alternative methods where four to five days are required to complete a growth test. Fuelstat can be used to test either the water drained from the fuel tank, a mixture of drain water and fuel or fuel only samples. The operation of the test can be carried out by any person on the vessel as the process has been designed to be incredibly simple, fast and reliable allowing immediate remedial action to be taken where microbial infection is found to be present.


Atlas Marine Services is honoured to be the distributor of Conidia Bioscience’s product- FUELSTAT® and featured on Conidia Bioscience’s news page.

We were established to serve the ever evolving marine industry and the escalating service standards of the modern world. As we expand our line of products, we continue to serve our clients with integrity and excellence.

FUELSTAT® technology detects levels of microbiological contamination and shows whether you have low or high levels of contamination in aviation and diesel fuels and most importantly it gives results within 10 minutes.

The fuel test kits are now widely available and are marketed across industries under the FUELSTAT® brand. FUELSTAT® resinae, leads the field in the Airline sector. The most recent addition to their product range, FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS is growing rapidly. Both are endorsed with IATA recommendation and inclusion in the Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, BAE Systems, Fokker and Raytheon maintenance manuals.



20th Jun 2016

It will require the carriage of an appropriate atmosphere testing instrument or instruments for enclosed space entry. These portable testing instruments will not be used as part of personal protective safety equipment, but as part of the ship’s equipment. They will be used to test enclosed spaces from the outside to make sure that they are safe to enter and will cover, as a minimum, the following gases: oxygen, flammable gases or vapours, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide. Suitable means should be provided to calibrate them.

Ship owners, ships’ operators and managers should ensure they have instruments in place at the date SOLAS Regulation XI-1/7 takes effect. After this date, they will become items surveyed under the vessel’s Cargo Ship Safety Construction or Passenger Ship Safety survey.

The instrument should be:

  1. capable of measuring and displaying concentrationsof:oxygen, flammable gases or vapours (% of LFL), carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide.
  2. clearly and unambiguously show which gas or vapour it is measuring (noting that the display may be switchable or menu accessible).
  3. able to activate at the appropriate level as determined by the flag State Administration, if it is fitted with an alarm function.
  4. suitably protected, having due regard for the environment and temperatures in which it is expected to operate.
  5. capable of being easily carried.
  6. suitably protected from the ingress of dust and water.
  7. minimum battery life of the instrument (with fresh batteries of recommended type) should be 10 hours.
  8. intrinsicallysafe
  9. instrument display should be readable in all lighting conditions.

Call Atlas Marine Services NOW at +65 6268 0890 or email for our products and expertise to support you for this regulation.

( International Maritime Organisation 2014, Guidelines to facilitate the selection of portable atmosphere testing instruments for enclosed space as required by SOLAS Regulation X1-1/7, IMO, London)
( International Maritime Organisation 2015, Early implementation of SOLAS Regulation XI-1/7 on atmosphere testing instrument for enclosed spaces, IMO, London)


15th Jun 2016

More than 125 international exhibitors including Atlas Marine Services Pte Ltd (AMS) will be sharing our expertise and showing what we have to offer. With over 20 countries represented in the exhibition, the exhibition will definitely give you a diverse and culturally rich experience.

Talk to AMS at Booth No. 12a, we look forward to meet you and share with you our wide range of products and services.

QEII Centre, Westminster London, UK, Booth No. 12a

21st & 22nd September 2016

Exhibition and Conference hours:
Day 1: 9am to 7pm
Day 1 IMPA’s Cocktail Party: 5pm to 7pm
Day 2: 9.30am to 4pm


6th Jun 2016

IMPA Singapore 2016 combines the welcoming atmosphere of a classic IMPA event with the renowned networking, debating and learning on which the association has built its reputation.

More than 350 purchasers attended IMPA Singapore 2015, and 40 suppliers exhibited as part of our tabletop display exhibition, making IMPA’s first event in the Asia-Pacific region a massive success.

IMPA Singapore 2016 will feature:

  • A bigger and better supplier exhibition, with live demonstrations
  • Brand-new Professional Development courses for purchasers at all levels
  • A revitalised Procurement Intelligence Forum with more chances to learn
  • Audit training for the modern purchasing professional

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore, Booth 5

17th & 18th May 2016

Exhibition Hours:
Day 1: 9am to 7pm
Day 2: 9am to 4pm

APM 2016

16th – 18th Mar 2016

The robust growth in APM bolstered its position as one of Asia’s biggest maritime and offshore exhibitions and conferences – a successful event on the Asian maritime calendar.

Talk to AMS at Booth E-Q32 as we share with you some of the products such as engine thermometers, pressure gauges, marine temperature and pressure calibrators.

Level 1 & Basement 2
Hall A, B, C, D, E & F
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

16th – 18th Mar 2016


9th – 10th Sep 2015

IMPA London is the world-leading exhibition and conference for maritime purchasing and supply chain professionals. AMS will be showcasing various products. One of the products is the Engine and Atmospheric Oil Mist Detector.

Every year, over 2,000 key decision makers attend from over 70 countries to do business, network with old and new partners, and gain key insights into the industry. Talk to AMS at the exhibition.

QEII Conference & Events Centre
Westminster, London, UK

9th – 10th Sep 2015


26th & 27th May 2015

IMPA Singapore is an exciting, engaging and interesting two day event brought to you by IMPA, the global trade association that represents maritime supply chain management professionals. The programme is focused and dedicated to those people working in the field that want to learn how to be more effective and successful in supply chain management.

A key focus for the association is to create a platform to allow the opportunity to exchange information, gain valuable industry insight and share ideas, practices and ethos.

For 2015 the event will be bigger and better and will cater for a wide range of procurement and supply chain management professionals, with programmes designed for all levels of procurement practitioners.

AMS will be showcasing our products and services in the exhibition as well.

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore

26th & 27th May 2015

Opening Hours:
Day 1: 10am to 7pm
Day 2: 10am to 4pm


21st – 23rd Apr 2015

A record number of attendees in 2013 further reinforced the exhibition and conference as the region’s leading shipping and maritime event, paving the way for another edition in 2015.

Held in conjunction with Singapore Maritime Week, Sea Asia 2015 is expected to attract more than 14,000 participants including CEOs, presidents, decision-makers and maritime professionals from diverse sectors of the global shipping industry. It is one of the most anticipated maritime industry events in Asia, offering the best business networking platforms in shipping and most importantly, an acknowledged platform to strike deals.

Visit AMS at Booth G17 (level B2).

Level 1 & Basement 2
Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Marina Bay Sands® Singapore

21st – 23rd April 2015

Opening Hours:
10am till 7pm daily
(closes at 5pm on 23 April)

APM 2014

Regarded by the industry as the region’s premier maritime event, APM will be featuring shipbuilding & marine, workboat and offshore segments.

APM offers a holistic business experience by combining a comprehensive exhibition, high-powered conferences and seminars, and a host of networking sessions that connect quality Asia Pacific buyers to international maritime suppliers.

While sourcing products that will put your company at the forefront of the maritime business, APM also allows you to explore new international markets and grow your business globally.

Celebrating its 13th edition in 2014, APM is one of Asia’s most established and proven maritime exhibitions and is strongly supported by the international maritime community. Take this opportunity to create business exposure with the industry where over 900 leading international maritime exhibitors across 50 countries converge with over 9,000 Asian visitors.

Visit AMS at Booth P32 as we share with you our extensive products such as level gauging, remote control valves, BNWAS, VOC detectors, oil content monitor and diesel fuel biological test kit.